The latest innovations and an expanding range in brass and chrome push-fit fittings is ensuring installers have the right fitting to hand every time, explains James Bell, Brand Director at SharkBite.

While some plumbing and heating installers continue to use the traditional methods of soldering or compressing pipes and fittings, increasing health and safety legislation and insurance requirements are influencing a shift in the market towards flame-free push-fit solutions, with many added benefits for installers and their customers.

Many installers will have experience with plastic push-fit fittings, but regulations prevent their use in certain applications, particularly in close proximity to a boiler. In comparison, SharkBite’s slimline metal push-fit solutions provide installers with unrivalled flexibility and durability for almost any type of installation; fitting easily within cavities, products can be rotated for use in confined spaces. Being slimmer they are also easier to insulate.

SharkBite plumbing solutions are the only fittings range on the market compatible with five different types of pipe, helping installers to work smarter and more efficiently than ever before. In addition, as no heat is required to create joints there is no need for a hot works permit, providing a major advantage from a health and safety and insurance perspective.

Quick-fit fittings

Being able to use just one range of fittings and connections for any domestic or commercial hot and cold water application has multiple advantages. Time-saving is the biggest benefit, with research showing that metal push-fit fittings and valves with SharkBite technology are twice as fast to install as press fittings; three times faster than Compression fittings and four times quicker than End Feed.

Translated into real-time savings, one installer reported a saving of three hours’ labour on a combi boiler installation, releasing them to get to their next job. With around 1.2 million boiler installations completed every year, the potential time-saving across the industry is huge.

Trusted and secure

Millions of SharkBite’s brass push-fit fittings and valves have been used by plumbers in all kinds of domestic and commercial systems, precisely because they are secure and watertight, providing confidence for the customer in the completed job. They are all fully demountable and can instantly be re-used, further reducing time, cost and waste in the event of an error or requirement to make changes to the system. Importantly, these fittings also enable quick, permanent repairs, even in wet conditions so there’s no time wasted in draining down a whole system.

The benefits of innovation

The development of these metal push-fit fittings and valves is about providing installers with a robust product choice, designed to save a considerable amount of installation time. It’s this that inspires the product development team at SharkBite to keep innovating and extending the range.

A style preference for chrome fittings to be used where surface mounted pipework is required is reflected in SharkBite’s new Chrome plated range. But it’s not just about looks; slimline, WRAS approved and with ultra-low lead as standard, the fittings are safer and easier to insulate than alternatives. All SharkBite chrome plated fittings have been electroplated prior to the o-ring being inserted, which means the body is totally free from any harmful residual chemicals, and resistant to the kind of component degradation that occurs when plating is applied later in the finishing process.

This is the attention to detail in design and manufacture that’s giving a growing number of plumbers – worldwide – the confidence to pack their vans with just a single range of fittings and valves, with the versatility to have every requirement from 10mm – 54mm covered.