Reliance Water Controls Ltd, the European subsidiary of the Australian Group Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC), launches SharkBite, an innovative metal Push-Fit range in the Spring of 2014.

RWC specialises in temperature and flow control systems with manufacturing facilities on three continents.  With a pioneering heritage in safety systems dating back to 1912 and with world-renowned brands such as SharkBite, RMC, TubeFit, AUSPEX and Cash Acme, RWC continues to lead the way in the plumbing and heating sector.

RWC introduced Push-Fit technology first to the Australian market in the 1990’s.  Shortly after, SharkBite was introduced into the North American market and experienced tremendous growth in both the United States and Canada.  With a proven track record of success, SharkBite demonstrates it is the Push-Fit Connection system that’s taking hold of the market and won’t let go.

For more than a decade, the SharkBite Connection System has helped professional plumbers across the world in both commercial and domestic markets reduce total installation costs.  Now available in the UK, via Reliance Water Controls, contractors and plumbers alike can experience the installation benefits and security that comes with using a global brand, SharkBite.

SharkBite is a fast and secure way of joining the most commonly used metal and plastic pipes in any combination without heat, naked flame or the use of expensive tools.  The brilliance of The SharkBite Connection System lies in its simplicity.  Offering electrical continuity, easy demounting technology and immediate re-usability there is no need for spare parts such as grab rings or tools making SharkBite the one solution for all pipe work.

The SharkBite Connection System consists of fittings, valves, flexibles and accessories from 10mm to 54mm.  It is suitable for use on hot and cold potable water services, heating and chilled water applications, and low temperature hot water services including pressurised and combination systems.

All fittings are WRAS approved and manufactured in brass that complies with current UK and forthcoming European legislation.